Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt Review

The Bamboo Mattress Pad is made from blended rayon that is made from bamboo fabric. This type of rayon is soft, luxurious and silky to the touch. The Mattress pad has a breathable quilted top and is stuffed with RevoLoft cluster fibre filling which is hypoallergenic and specifically engineered to create balls of fibre that trap air, helping the pad keep its shape longer and promoting air flow throughout the pad to keep you cool during the night.

RevoLoft gives you the feel of authentic goose and duck down without the allergies. This makes the Bamboo Mattress Pad so plush that it feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. It is designed to trap air making the pad cool to sleep on but that is not the case. In fact, users of the Bamboo Mattress Pad have complained that while it is indeed as plush and comfortable as advertised, the pad makes the bed even hotter and keeps getting hotter over time. It’s almost like sleeping on an electric blanket.

The fitted skirt that is supposed to keep the mattress pad in place on the bed is not tight at all and the mattress pad slides around the bed while you’re sleeping. The material used to make the skirt is very thin and rips easily. Sewing it is impossible since it rips from the needle holes.

The other complaint that users of the Bamboo Mattress Pad have is that the materials used to make the pad are of very poor quality. So poor, that the mattress pad cannot be washed. Washing the mattress pad, even in a front load washer with no internal agitator, will destroy it. The Revoloft fibrefill dissolves after as little as one wash and the pad loses its integrity. Even sweating on this pad will eventually dissolve the filling causing the pad to breakdown and loose its shape.

The Bamboo Mattress pad is wonderfully plush and luxurious to sleep on but though bamboo is known as a cooling fabric and despite the fact that this mattress pad is cool to the touch, it does not provide a cooling effect while you sleep. The fitted sheet doesn’t secure it to the bed and if you wash it, be prepared to replace it. Even with hand washing the Bamboo Mattress Pad does not last longer than 9-10 months.

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