Classic Brands Mercer 12-Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress Review

The Classic Brands Mercer Hybrid Mattress is designed to provide the user with the best night’s rest possible. It consists of a quilted pillow top layer of polyurethane gel foam, layers of comfort foam and a layer of individually wrapped steel coil innersprings which are encased in separate pockets.

These pocketed innerspring coils form the base of the mattress, they contour to your body increasing orthopedic support and eliminating motion transfer by distributing support throughout the mattress while sleeping. The coils are covered with progressive layers of memory foam to increase comfort and provide optimal spinal alignment. The mattress is topped by a layer of gel memory foam which is breathable and has an open cell structure so that air can pass through to draw away body heat, giving you a more comfortable sleep experience.

The gel memory foam on the Classic Brands Mercer hybrid mattress automatically adjusts to your body weight and temperature to provide comfort and keep your spine in a neutral position. Every time you move during the night, the gel memory foam conforms to your new sleeping posture ensuring that you stay asleep longer. Gel memory foam is also a healthier choice since it is resistant to dust motes, mold and allergens as well as being naturally antimicrobial.

The Classic Brands Mercer Hybrid mattress is great for people suffering from back problems because of the way the gel memory foam cradles the spine and keeps it in a neutral position by conforming to whatever position you sleep in.

The mattress is compressed into a long tube for shipping and set up is very easy. Just place the mattress exactly where you are going to use it, take off the shrink wrap, then stand back and watch the Classic Brands Hybrid mattress unfold itself. It does take a little time for the mattress to fill out to its full size so you might have to wait at least 24-48hrs for that to happen.

The one downside to this mattress is the chemical smell that it emits when you first unwrap it. This smell usually dissipates within a few hours or a few days but though offensive, it takes nothing away from the functionality of the Classic Brands Hybrid Mattress.

The Classic Brands mercer 12-inch Hybrid Mattress is a great choice for a great night’s sleep.

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