Coleman Queen Sized Airbed Cot Review

The Coleman Queen Sized Airbed Cot is designed to be the quintessential sleeping gear. It comes with a queen-sized air mattress and a battery-operated air pump. The cot is sturdy enough to hold two grown adults and can support weights up to 600lbs and heights up to 6ft 2in. The mattress is inflated and deflated using the battery-operated air pump. The cot and mattress can also be used separately for more sleeping space.

The cot has two side tables with cup holders to keep your drinks, cell phones, tablets and magazines close at hand. Both the cot and mattress fit inside the included carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

Camping in the great outdoors is a great way to commune with nature but not everyone enjoys sleeping on the cold hard ground. The Coleman Airbed Cot fits easily in your tent for elevated sleeping while allowing you to store your supplies under the bed.

The Coleman Queen Sized Airbed Cot has a durable steel frame, two side tables with cup holders that can hold personal items like your cell phone, books, magazines etc., an easily inflated air mattress with an airtight system that is designed to keep the air from leaking out and is made with comfort coil construction for a more comfortable night sleep but this bed unfortunately does not live up to expectations.

The steel cot is definitely strong and durable and it does hold two grown adults but that’s all that the Coleman Airbed has going for it. The battery-operated air pump sometimes does not even hold out long enough to fully inflate the mattress. The airtight system isn’t airtight at all since straight out of the box, the mattress starts losing air almost immediately after inflation, without any holes or punctures. It is very uncomfortable to sleep on and makes what one user calls “an obnoxious amount of noise” every time you turn or move around on it.

Bringing the Coleman Cot on a camping trip is a struggle, especially if you have to walk a long distance to get to your campsite. The combined weight of the cot and mattress is 41.9 pounds which means that you will need more than one person to carry it on a long hike. The carry bag does have wheels but they don’t help much especially on rough terrain.

The cot itself is great but crappy mattress!

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