Eclipse International Memory Sense 8″ Memory Foam Mattress Review

Have you tried the Eclipse International Memory Sense Mattress? If not, then let me tell you about it. It is great for an extra bed, especially children’s beds. This product brings a different preference for young children.  It allows the plethora of the new age sleep systems. It has a natural latex that adds to its comfort. You can flex your neck while sleeping on this mattress. It is very comfortable and incredibly durable. With this mattress, you are in the right lane saying goodbye to back pains.

The Eclipse International Memory Sense Memory Foam Mattress was designed specifically to provide you quality back support, something great for a value conscious shopper. It is very convenient to transport, making it ideal for camping, and guests. It has an adjustable comfort level of a good down mattress to dip where it bends. When you’re shopping for a mattress, remember that quality matters a lot, and this is what make this product unique from the rest in the market.

Let’s check out its features:


  • Made of different layers of foam, this gives optimum support to your body and helps relieve pain from tired muscles.
  • Has some therapeutic properties.
  • Features a heavy duty high profile innerspring that improves its lifespan.
  • Luxury zippered stretch knit cover.
  • Available in light beige color.
  • Comes with a natural cotton topper cover.
  • No motion transfer.
  • Excellent construction with beautiful fabric.
  • Comes with 5+ years warranty.



  • It has a patented allergy free design that eliminates dust mites and other microbes from entering the mattress, keeping you safe from allergens.
  • Quality product that is fairly priced, something you could not expect for its value.
  • The spring open design provides progressive resistance to applied weight thereby improving support.
  • Its zone coil configuration and varied coil density offer tailored body support.
  • Highly durable, you can, therefore, enjoy a good and comfortable rest night after night.
  • It generates the right temperature to give you comfort while sleeping.

Bottom line

Thinking of a great mattress? Think of the Eclipse International Memory Sense 8″ Memory Foam Mattress. While there are many similar products on the market, it’s hard to find another mattress that provides the quality, durability and support than this one. It provides quality back support in style, and is great value for your money. Click here to get it now over at with free shipping.